Completed research was performed at Aarhaus University in Denmark that helps to better understand the cause of recurrent viral meningitis. Below is information provided by the investigators:

Identification of novel innate immunodeficiencies in patients with HSV-2 Mollaret’s meningitis

Dr. Alon Schneider Hait, M.D, Ph.D fellow

Supervision: Prof. Trine H. Mogensen

Department of Infectious diseases, AUH

Department of Biomedicine, Faculty of Health

Aarhus, Denmark

“This study represents the first autophagy defect causing a primary immunodeficiency with increased susceptibility to viral infection described in humans which altogether suggests an important role for autophagy in anti-HSV2 immunity in the CNS.”

Full free article can be found here: Mutations in LC3B2 and ATG4A underlie recurrent HSV2 meningitis and reveal a critical role for autophagy in antiviral defense in humans